Pro-Duct and Sheet Metal - FAQ

  • Where do you supply to?

    Basically, all of Queensland. We have supplied duct to many locations around Queensland including Mt Isa and Rockhampton and most places in between.


  • What size projects can you handle?

    Anything from one piece of duct to in excess of $300,000.00 worth per month and we have the capacity to run multiple projects at the one time.


  • Can you plot/print drawings?

    Yes, we have a colour plotter capable of printing A1 size drawings. A0 drawings can be printed on 2 sheets. 


  • Can you provide technical data on the products you use to manufacture the duct?

    Yes, we can provide MSDS and technical data sheets on request.


  • Can you accept BIM (Building Information Modelling) files?

    We use estDuct for estimating and camDuct to manufacture our duct and both will accept several formats of electronic files to be converted for estimating or manufacture.


  • Can you make hospital / clean room duct?

    Yes, we can make clean room ducting which involves wiping down all internal surfaces and plastic wrapping both the ends of the ductwork to avoid contamination during storage and transport.


  • Can you manufacture stainless steel or aluminium ductwork?

    Yes, we can manufacture both stainless steel and aluminium ductwork and fittings.


  • Do you provide insulated ductwork?

    Yes, we are able to internally or externally insulate your ductwork.


  • How do I identify what duct goes where?

    All of our ductwork is labelled with the duct numbers clearly printed on the labels. The duct numbers correspond with the numbers as shown on the drawings. All deliveries dockets have an itemised list of the duct being delivered.


  • Do you install duct on site?

    Yes and No, we are able to look after smaller local projects in house. For larger projects, we have a group of installers we work with and can assist with connecting you with them.


  • Is duct work kept in stock?

    No, all duct work is custom made to customer requirements.


  • What other equipment/products can Pro-Duct and Sheet Metal supply?

    We have 2 x CNC Plasma Cutters, a CNC Turret Punch, a CNC Press Brake and a CNC Router and with this machinery we are able to manufacture a vast array of products from all types of metal and other materials. We use SolidWorks 3D modelling to design sheet metal products and can assist with you with design and manufacture processes.


  • How long does it take to get ductwork manufactured?

    This depends on the amount of ductwork required, typically our manufacturing program is set a week in advance. We allow time for site measures and urgent pieces which we can usually turn around in 24 hours.


  • Do you fit spigots to the ductwork runs?

    We generally don’t fit spigots to ductwork within the factory, due to the potential damage in transport and the potential of clashes with building elements on site. However if it’s required, we can cut the holes and even fit the spigots please notify us at the quoting stage if this is required.


  • Do you manufacture other Mechanical services products?

    Yes, we can manufacture many items such as plinth surrounds, safe trays, condenser frames, brackets and mesh grilles.


  • Do you supply round or spiral ducting?

    No, we can however supply round flex extensions and sections of round duct. Lengths of up to 1200mm long for diameters above 300mm and 1500mm long for diameters between 100mm to 300mm.


  • Do I get hardware with my duct delivery?

    Yes, all of our duct comes complete with cut-to-length drive slide or nuts and bolts, cleats and flange tape. Other items such as spigots and flexible connections are also supplied when included in our quote.


  • What else can be purchased with the ductwork?

    We keep 50x50x1.6mm angle in stock along with TDF capping. We can also manufacture sun covers and over-flashing. We generally keep a selection of access panels in stock as well.


  • Do you have your own delivery truck?

    Yes, we have 10 pallet space truck and 2 utilities for local deliveries and we use subcontractors when extra capacity is required or when shipping duct further afield.